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The Government of the Republic of Montenegro founded the Scientific Society of Montenegro, on 23rd October 1950. The Society was active till 1956.

The Parliament of the Republic of Montenegro passed the Law on the Society for Science and Arts of Montenegro, on 12th October 1971 year. In compliance to the Law, the Registry Commission was formed, which on its session of 6th March 1973 reached the decision on election of the first members of the Society. The Constitutive Session of the Society for Science and Arts of Montenegro was held on 10th July 1973 year. The total number of the first elected members of the Society was 42, out of which 25 were full members (academicians) and 17 corresponding (foreign) members.

The Parliament of Republic Montenegro decided on 10th March 1976, to transform the Society of Science and Arts of Montenegro to The Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts (MASA).

The Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts is constituted by Law as the highest national institution in the field of science and arts in Montenegro. The Academy with its activities strives for freedom of science and art, organizes, initiates and implements the scientific research, by itself or in cooperation with other scientific institutions; organizes, alone or in cooperation with others, scientific meetings, symposia, scientific debates, consultations and exhibitions, takes part in establishing the programmes of scientific and artistic importance for the country; assists in training of young scientists and artists; issues publications in the field of science and arts; promotes scientific and artistic critique; collects, arranges and studies materials in the field of science and arts; initiates, proposes and provides opinions to state authorities and other policy makers on improvement of conditions for scientific and artistic work; cooperates with scientific, cultural, economic and professional organizations and institutions in the country and abroad.

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The new Law on the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts was passed on 27 February 2012 (Official Gazette of Montenegro no. 14, March 7, 2012)

At present, The Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts has 44 members (30 full and 14 associated members) and 31 corresponding members.

The supreme governing body of MASA is the Assembly, and its executive organ is the Academy Presidency, which is constituted by: president, vice president, secretary general and division secretaries. The Academy includes four divisions: Division of Natural Sciences, Division of Social Sciences, Division of Humanities and Division of Arts.

Presidents of the Society, i.e. MASA were:
Academician Branko Pavićević  (1973-1981),
Academician Branislav Šoškić  (1981-1985),
Academician Mirčeta Đurović     (1985-1989),
Academician Dragutin Vukotić   (1989-2002),
Academician Momir Đurović       (2002-    ).

Special units within the Academy are: the Institute for language and literature “Petar II Petrović Njegoš”, Centre for energy and ecology - ENEKO Centre, Lexicographic Centre and Centre of young scientists.